Our work together will be solutions-focused, and your experience will be tailored to your strengths and challenges. I do not focus on past problems and traumas—I want you to feel better as quickly as possible and I feel this is best accomplished by focusing on today. My style of therapy is proactive, imaginative and client-centered. I utilize an active approach: Straightforward without being harsh. Encouraging without pressuring. It's not about rehashing the same thing over and over again; it's about finding a way to "get it" at a deep level, so that you can make the changes you need. 

Couples Counseling

My work with couples is centered around the Gottman & Cognitive Therapy philosophies. I believe the Gottman Method of couples counseling is most effective at teaching you the skills you need to build or rebuild your connection. We will work on identifying and doing more of the right things, and less of the damaging things, so you can grow your relationship with more intimacy and satisfaction. Couples will discuss challenging areas in a nonjudgmental and supportive environment and learn the skills to continue to do so at home.

I act as a coach or facilitator who helps couples interact by teaching them new rules and guidelines. The goal is for couples to become independent of the therapist and for the therapist to transfer her own skills to the couple.

Individual Solution Focused Counseling

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT is a problem-solving therapy aimed at helping you achieve your goals. The goals can be anything from getting a job to finding a romantic partner to reducing feelings of anxiety or depression. Once the goal is met, the therapist and client collaboratively decide whether there is anything remaining to work on, or to end treatment.

CBT equips you with ways of tackling distorted thinking that undermines your confidence and focuses your attention on negative perceptions. CBT gives you the tools to understand when thoughts and feelings are not an accurate reflection of reality.